Attract Self-Paying, Self-Motivated Clients, who LOVE Making Change... and Become Confident as a Hypnotist!

Tap into your mind's best natural resources, grow a new profession helping others achieve success, and build a career with one of the mind's best kept secrets.

Imagine... becoming a Certified Professional Hypnotist... from the comfort of your own home or office!

Join Jason Linett and Richard Nongard for this interactive online training event.

Your tuition includes an ALL-ACCESS PASS to HYPNOTIC WORKERS, a video library from the ICBCH, your first year's membership with the ICBCH, plus instant digital access to several valuable books.

Jason Linett & Richard Nongard

We'll meet together in real-time for these eight blocks:

1 - Wednesday, January 5 from 11am to 2pm EST
2 - Wednesday, January 12 from 11am to 2pm EST
3 - Wednesday, January 19 from 11am to 2pm EST
4 - Wednesday, January 26 from 11am to 2pm EST

5 - Wednesday, February 2 from 11am to 2pm EST
6 - Wednesday, February 9 from 11am to 2pm EST
7 - Wednesday, February 16 from 11am to 2pm EST
8 - Wednesday, February 23 from 11am to 2pm EST

Live interactive modules are just three hours long.
All times are in Eastern Standard Time, based on the New York City time zone.

For those around the world, here's the easy math:
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - 8am to 11am on Wednesdays
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS - 10am to 1pm on Wednesdays
LONDON, ENGLAND - 4pm to 7pm on Wednesdays

Time Zone Calculator

It's really important that you participate.
We want you to be there for all of them. To qualify for certification, you must be there in real-time for five of the eight events. Be prepared for a homework assignment to make-up for the online training modules you cannot attend live and in-person.

All live video modules will be archived for the attendees in a permanent library at Work Smart Hypnosis.

Thanks to the digital era of education, you'll get instant digital delivery of all the materials and documents. High five for instant gratification!

This is a 100-hour certification course with hybrid video instruction, live online interaction, and a practical exam to be awarded certification with the ICBCH.

Space is limited to just 36 attendees to keep the live modules focused.

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Are you new to hypnosis?

This course will give you a solid foundation of hypnosis training, the style of which most hypnotists should have learned in the first place. From day one, you will learn how to induce hypnotic results in your clients, get your community excited about hypnosis, and grow your skills in this new profession.

The best prerequisite is your own life experience. Past students in the past have ranged from 18 to 80. I've trained veterans, teachers, physicians, landscapers, massage therapists, scientists, firefighters, engineers, chiropractors, nurses, social workers ... anyone interested in learning how to harness one of the best hidden tools of the mind!

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This hypnosis training course will meet the needs of anyone with an interest in helping others. Grow your own part-time or full-time business. Past students include:

Are you already trained in hypnosis?

If you are not as confident or as effective in your skills as you like, this course is for you. Master hypnotic phenomena, learn how to effectively deepen your clients, and learn how to work beyond the written script and customize for your client.

Jason Linett has already become known as a resource for already-trained hypnotists looking to sharpen their skills. Are you not getting the results you'd like with your clients? Is your business not where you'd like it to be?

Refocus and revitalize your hypnosis career by attending this course.

MODERN learning in a HYBRID approach

This revolutionary training combines the experience of hands-on personalized training with state-of-the-art digital online training. You will receive several hundred hours of high-quality training materials as part of this course.

This approach empowers us to use a "reversed-classroom" format in which extended lectures are available to you in a video library, and the live-hands-on training may now be focused on practice to build your confidence and skills.

A University of Washington study suggests that "hybrid classes combine the best attributes of both face-to-face and online formats into a course delivery method that is both flexible and accessible while providing an interpersonal experience with instructors and a physical connection to campus."

A recent U.S. Department of Education meta-analysis suggests that "hybrid courses result in superior student learning outcomes, not necessarily due to the format itself, but because students often spend extra time reviewing course material."

The benefit to you is that the education extends far beyond the time in the classroom. When you have a client coming to your office for a new issue, you're not limited by the value of your notes or some out-of-date manuals. You have direct access to interactive video material to review your learning and sharpen your skills.

This also empowers you to learn at your own pace. While some students have immediate career goals in becoming a Certified Professional Hypnotist, others may be balancing a full-time career and family. The online content empowers you to build your own "mobile university" and revisit course content from your home or even while exercising or commuting.

Powerful Feedback from Past Graduates

Experience a Comprehensive Course spanning
from the Basics to Advanced Material

  • Introduction - Goals and Training
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • How to Choose the Best Methods for Clients
  • The Influence of Successful Hypnosis
  • Strategies for Self-Hypnosis
  • Mastering Hypnotic Depth
  • Advanced Rapport Strategies
  • Powerful Inductions
  • How to Modify the Process On-the-Go
  • Producing High-Quality Audio Programs
  • Reliable Deepening Techniques
  • Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Strategies
  • Fear-Release Techniques
  • Outlines and Resources You Can Use in Your Sessions!

Build "Unstoppable Confidence" as you learn in this hands-on, skills-building, training environment.

Meet Jason Linett

Jason Linett is a Board Certified Hypnotist and Trainer of both Hypnosis and NLP. He is trained and certified through the major hypnosis organizations in the world, a frequent keynote speaker, and he is proud to offer you certification through the ICBCH.

Jason was honored as the "Hypnotist of the Year" in 2017 at the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference.

Jason Linett is a leader in the hypnosis profession. In 2017, he was invited to give the keynote speech almost all of the North American Hypnosis Conventions, including HypnoThoughts LIVE 2017 in Las Vegas, the Mid-America Hypnosis Conference in Chicago, and the Canadian Hypnosis Conference in Toronto.

Jason has been featured on CNN, FOX, CBS, and The Travel Channel, he has been the subject of more than four dozen newspaper articles.

Marie Mongan, founder of the HypnoBirthing protocol recently selected Jason to train a hypnosis certification course at her convention. Sheila Granger, pioneer of the Virtual Gastric Band weight loss invited Jason to become one of the few hypnotists in the United States to train her protocol.

You should only consider hypnosis training from an instructor you could actually book an appointment with.

Jason operates Virginia Hypnosis, a leading hypnotherapy practice located in Alexandria, Virginia. Jason maintains a full schedule of clients, an associate staff, and several advanced guest trainings each year.

Jason Linett was recently nominated and awarded with the honor of "Faculty Member of the Year" with the Ormond McGill Chair from the National Guild of Hypnotists.  Each year, more than a thousand hypnotists from all around the world collect at the annual convention in Massachusetts.  More than 300 presentations are shared.

While building a successful business is a great goal to strive toward, Jason is the most proud of his ability to do so and be at home each night with his wife and two children.

Dr. Richard K. Nongard has authored many books, videos and professional educational materials, including hypnosis textbooks.

He is an innovative leader in the field of psychotherapy and hypnosis, and over the last 25+ years he has trained thousands of professionals including ministers, medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, family therapists, hypnotherapists and professional counselors in ways to do a better job serving their clients.

Dr. Nongard has completed his Doctorate in Transformational Leadership with a concentration in Cultural Transformation through Bakke Graduate University

Richard, a licensed mental health professional, has been providing individual and group therapy services in a variety of clinical setting for almost 28 years. He is the founder and president of the ICBCH, the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapists.

Have Questions?Click Here to Schedule a NEW STUDENT Interview.

Jason is the host of the 5-star rated “Work Smart Hypnosis” podcast now available on iTunes and online at  The program has been downloaded more than a million times all around the world. It’s your professional resource for hypnosis training and outstanding business success.  Check out the hundreds of sessions featuring interviews, techniques, and professional commentary.

Awards and Honors:

  • Keynote Speaker: Canadian Hypnosis Conference 2017
  • Faculty Member: Canadian Hypnosis Conference 2017
  • Faculty Member: HypnoThoughts Live 2018
  • Keynote Speaker: HypnoThoughts Live 2017
  • Faculty Member: HypnoThoughts Live 2017
  • Faculty Member: HypnoThoughts Live 2016
  • Faculty Member: HypnoThoughts Live 2015
  • Faculty Member: HypnoThoughts Live 2014
  • Faculty Member: Hypno-Expo 2018
  • Faculty Member: Hypno-Expo 2017
  • Keynote Speaker: Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2017
  • Faculty Member: Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2017
  • Faculty Member: Mid-America Hypnosis Conference 2014
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2017
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2016
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2015
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2014
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2013
  • Faculty Member: National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Convention 2012
  • Faculty Member: Virginia Conference of Hypnotists 2013
  • Faculty Member: HypnoBirthing Conclave 2014
  • Faculty Member: HypnoBirthing Conclave 2013
  • Northern Virginia Hypnosis Meetup (Founder and President)

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A Sampling of Jason's Professional Experience:

  • Certified Instructor for the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotist (ICBCH)
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotist (ICBCH)
  • Certified Trainer of NLP with the National Federation of Neurolinguistic Programming (NFNLP)
  • Master Practitioner of NLP
  • Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • Board Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Alliance of Counselors & Therapists (IACT)
  • Certified Hypnotherapist with the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA)
  • Certified Psy-TaP Practitioner
  • USA Trainer for the Sheila Granger "Virtual Gastric Band" Weight Loss Hypnosis Protocol
  • Selected Trainer of the Hunter/Tebbetts Parts Therapy Client-Centered Protocol
  • Creator of the Hypnotic Business Systems, a business coaching program for the hypnosis profession
  • Certifed 5-PATH Master Hypnotist
  • Certified HypnoCoach
  • Advanced Certifications in HypnoBirthing, Hypnotic Pain Relief, Pediatric Hypnosis, and Conversational Hypnosis

Jason Linett is a real Hypnotic Worker. There are too many people who are training hypnosis, yet they don't actually do the work of a hypnotist. Their business is only education. Jason maintains a busy schedule of clients each week at his Northern Virginia office, Virginia Hypnosis. It is one of the most well-known and respected hypnosis practices in the country.

Click here to browse the Virginia Hypnosis website.

Satisfied Students All Over the World

Go Above and Beyond the Basics!

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Confident, Flexible, and Creative Strategies
Search any hypnosis online community and you'll find hundreds of people asking "Do you have a script for this?" Jason's training is unique as the hypnotherapy content begins with universal techniques, a bank of powerful techniques that allow you to work in a contextual basis with nearly any issue your client could bring into your office. Rather than a cookie-cutter approach to hypnosis, you will learn the art of "client-centered hypnosis," fitting the process to the client rather than the client to the process ... and in case you still want a "script," you'll receive a bonus digital resource packed with thousands of documents!

Take Action Now.
Call Jason Linett at (703) 341-6655 for your complementary "new-student interview." Discuss hypnosis, set your goals, and learn how this training can help you improve your life, and help others.

It's not just HYPNOSIS...
It's also how to grow your own hypnosis BUSINESS!

Feedback from Satisfied Students!

"As a chiropractor and small businessman, I am constantly promoting my services and working to find new clientele. I have taken numerous workshops and classes on marketing, promotion, and business building. As we say in chiropractic, "You may have golden hands, but if you can't get people in the door, it doesn't matter."

"I recently had the opportunity to take a hypnosis certification class with Jason Linett.

"Mr. Linett teaches complex information in a systematic, building block approach enabling students of all levels, including beginners, to grasp his methods and put their new skills into practice immediately.

"Furthermore, in a single hour long segment of his program, Mr. Linett did a better job of teaching business building and marketing techniques and strategies than all of the four to twelve hour workshops I've previously attended. In a small segment of his certification program, Mr. Linett out performed people who had hours to teach only marketing and client acquisition.

"Clearly, Mr. Linett cares about his trainees and not only teaches them a superior technical skill, but he also cares that they can get people in the door to benefit from that golden skill.

"The benefits of this class are enormous. If you are considering a career in hypnosis or adding hypnosis to an existing career, training with Jason Linett is not to be missed; he will teach you the craft, and he will teach you how to build a business out of the craft."

Gideon Orbach, Pittsburgh, PA

"Just wanted to send an email and tell you the experience in your hypnosis certification program was amazing. The content and instruction was outstanding and I feel grateful to have found such an accomplished professional to learn from.

"I’m going to be working with my first real client soon for weight and I feel like your instruction and preparation will help me immensely. Also, your set up there was really professional and from day one I was impressed. The materials, the snacks, the cleanliness and order of everything was well thought out and truly professional."

Scott Howard, Baltimore, MD
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Get Certified with the ICBCH!

The International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy is a worldwide hypnosis association organization that provides education to the public and professionals via live training classes and home study courses about the benefits of clinical hypnosis, and recognizes hypnosis certification programs and hypnotherapy certification courses.

It was created to set international standards of excellence and to promote clinical hypnotherapy and related fields of social science. Our broadest goals are to insure quality hypnosis training opportunities and help enhance the standing of clinical hypnotherapy. Our narrower focus is to assist individuals and organizations in being recognized for achieving a level of quality within the field of hypnotherapy.

Attend Work Smart Hypnosis LIVE! and you will receive Certification as a Certified Professional Hypnotist with the ICBCH. Upon successful completion of the hands-on, interactive course and adhering to the code of ethics, you will receive a valuable package of textbooks, a digital resource video library, a certificate suitable for framing, and your first year's membership with the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy.

As a pioneer in the advancement of hypnosis education, Jason Linett is proud to certify his students through a progressive organization like the ICBCH. Our mission is to advance the dialogue of personal change through hypnosis with evidence-based strategies. The hypnosis profession has advanced dramatically in the last several decades, and you owe it to yourself to attend a course that is up-to-date not only in the techniques being trained but also the methodology of learning.

Check out these bonuses you'll receive as a part of this course:

  • ALL-ACCESS-PASS to "Hypnotic Workers"

    An incredibly valuable resource… More than a hundred hours of complete access to Jason Linett’s entire hypnotherapy training library. Inductions, techniques for change, demonstrations, and full-client sessions. Valued at more than $1000, you get this incredible resource FREE with the course.

  • ICBCH Student Resources

    As a hybrid hypnosis training course, you receive access to exclusive International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy training material. You receive your first year of membership, several books, and a digital video resource library to jump-start your education and career as a hypnotist.

  • Hypnosis Practitioner Manual

    Some hypnosis trainers “hold back” their best material from their students out of fear they may eventually become competition. As silly as that sounds, it’s true! Jason’s goal is to provide you with a real outline of a professional, working office. He has compiled a professional manual that will become a resource to you for years to come.

  • Private Student Facebook Forum

    Jason maintains a private discussion forum online for past students so your questions may be addressed by your instructor, guest speakers, as well as your peers.

  • "Blueprint of the Dave Elman" Induction

    Written by Larry Elman, you receive digital access to a perfectly organized manual for this classic, time-tested technique.

  • Ongoing Support & Updates

    Attendees of this event will receive regular updates in the HYPNOTIC WORKERS online membership library and in the interactive online community.

Students will be encouraged to pick up a digital copy of ROY HUNTER'S "ART OF HYPNOSIS," available on Amazon Kindle for less than $20.

Students will also receive several more surprise bonuses, graduate-only discounts, and more resources valued at more than $1000... shared with you at no additional cost!

Have Questions?Click Here to Schedule a NEW STUDENT Interview.

"Jason Linett and Virginia Hypnosis are exceptional! The quality of training and services is unparalleled in the area. I received my training at Virginia Hypnosis in 2013 and the curriculum covered the basics through advanced methods and techniques (e.g. Age Regression), and some Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) basics.

"I felt ready to see clients within that first week of my Certification. Jason goes above and beyond for his students, shares unselfishly the tools, techniques, knowledge (business knowledge as well; this was KEY for me as he is one of the most successful Hypnotists in the U.S.) network of friends, and a vast library of administrative forms, scripts, and just about everything a person needs to get started on the path to succeed and EXCEL as a professional Hypnotist.

"Jason is also a great human being, a man of integrity, with a wicked sense of humor and a big heart. Mostly for those considering training with him, he is a GREAT instructor and offers the BEST training in the area. And I have since trained with many of the World's greatest Hypnotists.

"And they all say the same about Jason and Virginia Hypnosis: TOP NOTCH!"

Racquel Knight, Columbia, MD

“I studied Hypnosis with Jason Linett in the Fall of 2016, travelling all the way from Vermont to Virginia to learn from the best. The course was outstanding! I not only learned the most effective hypnosis techniques, but I quickly became very confident in my ability to hypnotize anyone.

“Very early in the course Jason had us break out into practice sessions with our classmates. This not only gave us the chance to practice what we were learning, but to learn from each other as well. The real world applications that Jason teaches his students are priceless. I left each class feeling more confident and at ease with the skills I was learning.

“And, as if learning hypnosis wasn't enough, Jason also teaches his students about marketing and networking - skills absolutely necessary to becoming successful.

“Once I received my Certification, I got busy with the process of starting my own practice. I opened my office - Green Mountain Hypnosis - in mid December of 2016. I have put to use all that I learned from Jason Linett with great success, and I have already started to book clients. I enthusiastically recommend Jason's training course at Virginia Hypnosis.”

Karen Gray, Hanover, NH

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